10 Places to Look for Mold and Mildew When Buying a Home

For many people, buying a home will be the single most expensive thing they purchase during their lifetimes. With that kind of expenditure, most people expect a home free of problems. That’s why it is critical to make sure your home inspector checks for mold and mildew. Mold and mildew can cause considerable damage and.. read more →

Prevent Mold By Keeping Humidity Low

Summer brings two things — heat and humidity — two necessary ingredients to the growth of mold and mildew, which flourish on almost any surface. One way to reduce the growth of mold and mildew is to keep the relative humidity in your home low … below 40%. If you don’t know what the relative.. read more →

Moldoff Works On Large Scale Water Damage

“We came home after a holiday away to find our 102 year old restored Victorian Home flooded; the result of a hot-water pipe breaking in the 2nd floor restroom, that had run for 3 days-non stop. While our insurance covered $5,000 towards mold removal, our estimates ranged from $50,-55,000 to save our home…(and this was.. read more →

22 Apr 2011

Managing Mold in Schools

Mold grows in schools when airborne mold spores land in damp, warm places. Fall is an ideal time for mold spores to be tracked in as kids hit the playground, shuffle through the fall leaves, and return to their classrooms. Bathrooms, kitchens, vent pipes, near water fountains, behind drywall or wall coverings, in ceilings, around.. read more →

11 Oct 2010

Storing RVs and Camper Mold-Free During the Winter Months

As the summer comes to a close, most of us will put our boats, marine equipment, RVs and campers in dry-dock or storage until summer rolls around again. To prevent an unwanted surprise next spring, you should treat everything – every single surface of your marine and recreational equipment – with a mold prevention product… read more →

11 Oct 2010

Mold Removal in Commercial Buildings

During the winter months, mold can become a problem inside many homes and business. The spores are brought in on people’s shoes and clothing or float in every time the door opens. Several factors contribute to active mold growth during the winter months. Moisture In most areas of the northern hemisphere, winter means rain, snow.. read more →

11 Oct 2010