What is the Difference Between Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew are often mistaken for each other, but they are actually produced by different types of fungi although both reproduce from spores. They both grow in the same moist and warm environments, however, mildew is more often found in showers, on paper and fabrics, while mold is found more often in foods and.. read more →

09 Jan 2014

How To Get Mold Off Boat Seats

The following is a letter we received about how one customer learned how to clean mold off of boat seats. “I have to tell you a story about my boat and Moldoff. Back in April I had some stump grinding done in my yard and one stump was right next to my 2006 Godfrey pontoon.. read more →

30 Dec 2013

Will Bleach Kill Mold?

The short answer to the question, “will bleach kill mold,” is “No”. Mold is a form of fungi with around 100,000 different species. Most fungi, including molds, produce microscopic cells called “spores” that spread readily through the air. Airborne spores are easily inhaled and can be very hazardous to our health.  Like seeds, live spores.. read more →

29 Dec 2013

How To Remove Mold From Leather

You don’t often think of leather and mold problems at the same time. However, leather provides an ideal environment for mold to grow — it has organic material that mold loves to feed on. Plus it absorbs and holds moisture — another essential ingredient for mold take hold. Leather items like saddles, bridles, chaps, coats.. read more →

19 Dec 2013

Remove mold from wood

THANK YOU! The MoldOff was great! It took most of the black crud and stain off the unfinished wood leaving no odor in kitchen cupboard after it dried. I am sure if I repeated the process the rest will go, too. But I was going to paint while weather was still warm. I was surprise.. read more →

28 Oct 2013

Stop Mold Cold on Windowsills

Mold can develop on any surface exposed to prolonged periods of moisture and warmth and this includes your windowsills. Cold air meeting your windows (which are warmer since your home is heated) condenses and runs down the window to pool on the sills. In addition, the sills tend to collect organic materials like dirt, dust,.. read more →

17 Oct 2013