Top 10 Ways to Control Moisture and Mold in Your Home

Water in your home is an invitation for mold to move in and grow. Water can enter your home from dozens of locations. It can seep through basement floors or along cracks in the foundation. It can leak through roofs and around doors and windows. Broken or leaking plumbing in bathrooms and kitchens is a.. read more →

What Makes A Mold Product Green?

MoldOff is an eco-friendly, green mold product that removes mold completely and is safe for the environment. But what makes a product green? That’s a tough subject, particularly since we often end up trying to weigh questions like the resource extraction costs versus the environmental impact costs. And there are dozens of different ways a.. read more →

MoldOff Works on Boat Canvas

Sirs, I just had to write to tell you how “unbelievable” your MoldOff product works! I have a 38′ Sea Ray and I was having mold problems on my canvas bimini cover. It was covered in white mold. I just sprayed you Mold-Off on the cover and walked away for 20 minutes. Well, when I.. read more →

03 Apr 2012

Marine Mold Success Story

Dear Mold-Off, I have a small Ship’s Store in Cos Cob, CT. A few years back a customer came in and told me about a product he used on his sailboat that sunk in Long Island Sound during a severe storm. He said his boat was covered in mold and told me about your product.. read more →

03 Apr 2012

Spring into Golf and Remove Mold From Artificial Turf

Spring brings great golfing weather, but it also brings plenty of mold on artificial turf. Spring rains and warmer temperatures encourage mold growth and artificial turf provides an ideal food source for mold spores, especially the organic materials that collect in the hollows and on the stems of the turf. MoldOff is an innovative product.. read more →

30 Mar 2012

MoldOff Safe for Easter Seals Camp

I am a volunteer at the Easter Seals Camp for special needs children. Many of the cabins sit empty over the winter and mold and mildew build up by Spring. I used MoldOff to eliminate the problem and it has worked better than anything else we’ve ever tried. We used MoldOff on badly stained pontoon.. read more →

26 Mar 2012