Mold & Air Conditioner Coils

There exists a little known, special relationship between mold and air conditioning coils.  Ironically, the air conditioning you rely on to keep your air fresh and healthy and cool in the summer, may be doing just the opposite. The coil of your air conditioner is always damp when it is running, which means it is.. read more →

What Is Mycotoxin?

A mycotoxin is a toxic substance produced by organisms in the fungus kingdom, commonly known as mold. Oddly enough, not all molds produce harmful toxins. In fact, many more molds are safe than the dangerous few. Beneficial molds produce medicine like penicillin and help cheese develop. In nature, hundreds of molds help break down leaves,.. read more →

Filtering Out Mold Spores

Even after the first frost and well into the winter, mold spores are alive and well. One way to get rid of these airborne menaces is to put a good filter on your furnace. But what types of filters are necessary to filter out mold spores? Disposable Filters: These are the most popular choice for.. read more →

How To Remove Mold From Leather

You don’t often think of leather and mold problems at the same time. However, leather provides an ideal environment for mold to grow — it has organic material that mold loves to feed on. Plus it absorbs and holds moisture — another essential ingredient for mold take hold. Leather items like saddles, bridles, chaps, coats.. read more →

19 Dec 2013

Stop Mold Cold on Windowsills

Mold can develop on any surface exposed to prolonged periods of moisture and warmth and this includes your windowsills. Cold air meeting your windows (which are warmer since your home is heated) condenses and runs down the window to pool on the sills. In addition, the sills tend to collect organic materials like dirt, dust,.. read more →

17 Oct 2013

Preventing Mold in the Basement

Basements, by definition, tend to be a little damp, simply because they are below ground. Warm, damp places with plenty of organic material to feed on are ideal condition for mold to grow. However, there are some things you can do to prevent mold growth. First, control the humidity level in the basement. Humidity levels.. read more →

17 Oct 2013