Humidity Causes Mold To Grow

Too much humidity in your home or place of business can cause excessive moisture to collect on windows and other cold surfaces during the winter months. During the summer month, humidity can pretty much get into everything if your home. Damp areas are ideal growing spots for mold. Since mold feeds on any organic material,.. read more →

How Moisture Enters Buildings and Causes Mold

Moisture can enter a build either as a liquid or a gas (water vapor). In liquid form, it can come from bathrooms, kitchens, laundry facilities and by way of leaks and spills. Indoor pools, saunas, jaccuzis are notorious for sending tiny droplets into the air. Water vapor can be caused by the evaporation from regular.. read more →

Air Conditioning and Mold

Air condition ducts (and especially swamp cooler ducts) are notorious hiding places for mold. The humid air (often laden with mold spores) passes over the cooler metal ductwork and causes water to condense and pool creating idea locations for mold to grow. That’s why it is important to have your air ducts cleaned periodically. You.. read more →

What to Wear When Cleaning Moldy Areas

When cleaning moldly areas, you should limit your exposure to the mold and mold spores. Here are some steps you can take to make the job safer: Protection your lungs — Breathing in mold spores can trigger all sorts of health problems, including breathing difficulties, allergic reactions, illness and for the very sensitive, mold can.. read more →

Patios, Decks and Mold, Oh My!

Mold spores are everywhere, particularly outdoors. In humid climates, those spores find purchase on brick, concrete, cement, slate and even on composite decking materials. They feed on dust and organic particles hidden in the crevices of the stone. Then they begin to break down the stone itself —a process that can eventually require extensive repairs.. read more →

The Danger of Water Damage and Mold

In 2005, the National Resources Defense Council conducted a study of homes in New Orleans that had been flooded. Their results showed that these homes had high levels of mold spores, even in homes that had been repaired and treated for mold. Sadly, the cost for mold removal is estimated to run between $2,500 and.. read more →