Commercial Mold Removal in Public Restrooms

Public Restrooms in offices, churches, schools and other public venues are high traffic areas. Mold spores enter these areas on the clothing and shoes as people use the facility. Since restrooms are high moisture areas, they are ideal locations for mold to flourish. In public restrooms, mold can grow and flourish in many locations including:.. read more →

How to Find Mold in Your Home

Mold is sneaky. It can hide in unexpected places in your home or business. Typically, mold needs a dark, moist place to breed. If you suspect mold, but can’t find it, start digging in the following places! Inside cabinets Beneath or behind drywall Behind floor baseboard In the basement or crawl space In water-damaged area.. read more →

Top 5 Signs of a Mold Problem

Here are 5 things you can watch for to detect mold problems in your home or business BEFORE they become a big problem. 1. High humidity — a relative humidity (RH) level of greater than 55% promotes the growth of mold and other fungi. Dehumidifiers are a great way to reduce the humidity in your.. read more →

Relative Humidity Encourages Mold Growth

Humidity is defined as the moisture content present in an air mass. Relative humidity is the ratio of the amount of water vapor the air can hold as a specific temperature. The higher the humidity, the higher the chance that condensation can occur. For instance, 100% relative humidity means the air cannot hold any more.. read more →

What Conditions Promote Mold and Mildew Growth?

Mold and mildew growth require several elements for idea growth — a source of food, warm temperatures and adequate moisture. Of those three, the presence of moisture is the most critical. Unfortunately, controlling the environment in your home can be tough. Water Intrusion Rainwater can enter a building through leaks in walls, windows or the.. read more →

Water Sports, Boats and Boat Mold. Oh My!

During the summer months, America’s favorite recreational activity is water sports … boating, fishing, waterskiing, swimming, waverunning, jet skiing, you name it. No matter what water activity you are participating in, the equipment you use is going to be a magnet for mold. In fact, the warm, wet conditions that surround all water sports are.. read more →