Preventing Mold in High Traffic Areas

The Winter months bring rain and snow, high humidity and dampness. With more people hurrying inside to get out of the cold, high traffic areas like restrooms, hallways and entryways are more likely to develop a mold problem. Mold spores enter these areas on the clothing and shoes as people use the facility. Since restrooms,.. read more →

Mold Removal on Siding

No matter how you situate your house or business on your lot, one side is most likely in shade all year long, which means it is subject to mold. Because the sun infrequently or never hits that side of the building, moisture tends to take longer to evaporate, and shady, moist places are magnets for.. read more →

29 Dec 2011

What is Toxic Mold and How to Remove It

Toxic mold is a type of mold that produces hazardous byproducts called mycotoxins. The mold itself isn’t toxic or poison, however the byproducts are and those toxins can affect your health. Individuals with asthma and other respiratory problems are very likely to have reactions to many types of mold, but experts believe that mycotoxins can.. read more →

Welcome Mat is as Welcome Home to Mold

Nature puts on a spectacular show every Fall as the leaves turn gold, crimson, orange, russet and everything in between. However, as those leaves fall to the ground, they begin to decompose and develop a leaf mold, especially in wet climates. Cold temperatures cause the mold to become dormant right up until you track those.. read more →

Prevent Mold on Marine Equipment Over the Winter

As the summer comes to a close, most of us will put our boats and marine equipment in dry-dock until next year. To prevent an unwanted surprise next spring, you should treat everything – every single surface of your marine equipment – with a mold product. Mold can grow on virtually any surface of your.. read more →

Tent Camping and the Mold Dilemma

You’ve just finished a fantastic camping weekend. You break down the tent and head home. A month or so later, when you set your tent up on the next trip, you discover the tent canvas or material has developed a nasty case of mold and mildew. Unless you are camping someplace with absolutely no moisture,.. read more →

21 Aug 2011